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Midas V9 is a Windows based computer system developed specifically for Fuel and Gas distributors.

The first Midas product was launched in 1998, following the success of the Midas product family Midas V9 was developed and has proven itself time and again as an effective way for fuel companies to enhance sales whilst improving service and administration.

MIDAS is designed for companies of all sizes who are involved in the fuel distribution industry. It has been written from first-hand experience since the directors of the company have been involved with the oil business for many years.

The system caters for all aspects of the industry including Order Processing, Routing and Stock Management to name but a few. Additional Modules have also been designed to cater for Fuel Bunkering, Tank Maintenance, Heating Services and the RDCO scheme.

Each company operates the same system, which can be customised to meet individual requirements. There are no limitations to size of business or users on the system.

Midas V9 incorporates a number of powerful features and modules. These include Sales Prospecting, Computerised Routing, Active Credit Management, Fuel Bunkering and extensive Sales Analysis. Designed to enable fast and accurate flow of information through your business, unique pricing features and margin enhancement works seamlessly with strong credit management and service levels.

The system caters for fuels delivered in bulk to the users premises either in response to specific orders from customers, or as planned deliveries using the Midas V9 Top-up facility. The system also handles pre-packed lubricants, additives and associated products with pricing structures geared to pack sizes. Midas V9 can also be utilized for the sale of solid fuels, where pricing is by weight rather than volume. The special requirements of the fuel industry in respect of Health and Safety, VAT exemption and the RDCO scheme, are all catered for within the system.

Midas V9 has already demonstrated its capability in the industry and will continue to evolve to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Key Features ...

Orders and Stock

Place and track the status of orders from placing to completion.


Print reports and genreate csv files.


Midas is designed for Windows.


Produce sales invoices/credit notes and post cash.

Customer Records

Maintain customer details, contacts and multiple delivery points.

Below is an example of some of the functionality available - Please contact us for more information.

Standard Modules:

  • Bacs Processing
  • CRM Workbench and Prospect System
  • Customer Facilities
  • Quick Quotes
  • Sales Ordering
  • Sales Ledger
  • Stock Control
  • Top Ups
  • RDCO
  • Reporting and Data Extractions

Optional Modules:

  • Boilerjuice Link
  • Combined Invoicing
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Fuel Bunkering
  • Heating Services
  • On Truck Computing
  • Routing
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Signalman Tank Monitoring
  • Tank Maintenance
  • Vouchers
  • Web Services


Links to Boilerjuice to receive orders and payments.

On Truck Computing

Midas interfaces with the Outtrak on truck computer system. Midas will send routed orders out to the truck, and then import and confirm them after they have been delivered. A PDF of the delivery ticket also available for viewing, Stock transfers/receipts from own depots or third party depots are automatically taken care of. PDF copies of the tickets are then saved to the customers file, easily accessible from various parts of the system.


Registered Dealers in Controlled Oil return, required for all oil suppliers within the UK. Midas allows for electronic or paper return.

Routing Module

Midas links with Visit Plus system.


Links to Sensor Systems for tank levels, automatically generates orders, rentals and service requests.

SMS Text Messaging

Midas interfaces with Textmarketer. This module allows you to send messages by Customer parameter or Order status. This means that you can either alert the customer as to when their order will be delivered or perhaps if an order will be delayed. Sending text messages using customer criteria is perfect for marketing campaigns or even sending the days prices out to certain customer types.

Verifone Credit Card and Token Gateway

Midas interacts with Verifone for the credit card system.